Nest Building


This little bird was building his nest somewhere in or near my balcony. Given the abundance of feathered visitors to this balcony, its a good place to find soft feather…

Shot several years ago in New Delhi, India


Rainclouds in My face

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Late August this year, I had a misadventure with the Monsoons in Mussoorie:

As I reached the bypass that goes to Dhanolti, a cloud decided to sit right on top of me. The Sun was quickly forgotten as visibility dropped in a flash.

Through the thick fog, a few jeeps honked. As they could barely see 15 feet ahead, they drove slowly and carefully as they navigated the oft-curving mountain road.

Soon, it began pouring in earnest, making the immediate environment fatal for my camera.


Red Bouquet


Earlier this year, January, for the early assignments of students I walked along Nruputhanga Road, following its path from K.R. Circle to Corporation Circle as I circled Cubbon Park, I found a flower seller.

On such a busy road, lined with office buildings and major state authority buildings, there were many places to get snacks, or a quick lunch, but there only one flower vendor. I wonder what made him chose this road…


Mussoorie Monsoon, Droplets.

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In continuation of the earlier post, Mussoorie Monsoon, Skies at Dusk.

The rains leave a lot of droplets on the flowers. When it rains, the flowers take a huge pounding from the falling rain. Ones that survive the onslaught without getting soggy make for beautiful photography.

The same applies to spiderwebs. There may be big webs, several feet across, spanning the gap between two trees, but during the rains, these too will take quite a beating. While their molecular structure keeps them intact for as long as it can, those that survive the winds and the relentless wave of aquatic mini-mortar rounds falling at them from the sky, really make for the most beautiful visuals.

August 2016

Bardara Greens, Mussoorie (Uttarakhand, India)


Missed a Spotlight

Missed a Spotlight

In the dining hall of the LaSalle hostel at East Coast Road, where the internet dependent residents spent most of their lives, was a line of overhead lights pointed at the wall dividing the kitchen from this large hall with long tables.

This space was rarely used for eating and used much more for finishing assignments as the tables provided ample room to spread out several sheets of A3 paper, craft material and files. Most fun happened during the submission week, when students would actually have to make room for others, and there were atleast 5 people working at any time, even the dead of the night. Sleep is for the weak.

Lasalle Residences, St. Patrick’s House (East Coast Road, Singapore)



Killing a Tree

My final project for the course ‘Not just Green’, was a short video based on the poem On Killing a Tree by the Indian poet Gieve Patel.

The poem describes, very graphically, the act of murder. however it is not about the murder of a person but of a tree. It explains how difficult it is do defeat nature, requiring violence and effort.


A Frog in the Grass

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For ‘Not Just green’, we spent a while exploring bio-technology as an element of our artwork.

This involved a trip to G.K.V.K.’s Department of Horticulture, where Dr. Sathyanarayana showed us around his Tissue Culture Laboratory. In fact, the garden outside his laboratory building also contains several sculptures based on Nature and Technology

…as we sat in the grass discussing what we had learnt about Plant Tissue Culture that day, someone spotted this little brown frog hopping around.



Auroville, October 2015

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During a Botanical Art project for the course, Not just Green, led by Swedish artist Leslie Johnson, six of us students visited Auroville for research and inspiration.

We visited the Auroville Botanical Sanctuary, looking at their landscape art, like the pond at their entrane, a tall hedge maze and a large variety of tropical plants and trees., and sampled food at the famous Auroville Bakery.