Mussoorie Monsoon, Droplets.

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In continuation of the earlier post, Mussoorie Monsoon, Skies at Dusk.

The rains leave a lot of droplets on the flowers. When it rains, the flowers take a huge pounding from the falling rain. Ones that survive the onslaught without getting soggy make for beautiful photography.

The same applies to spiderwebs. There may be big webs, several feet across, spanning the gap between two trees, but during the rains, these too will take quite a beating. While their molecular structure keeps them intact for as long as it can, those that survive the winds and the relentless wave of aquatic mini-mortar rounds falling at them from the sky, really make for the most beautiful visuals.

August 2016

Bardara Greens, Mussoorie (Uttarakhand, India)


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