@ The Shriram School, DLF Ph. 3


Prey Spotting

@ New Friends Colony, New Delhi

Hefting a camera equipped with a massive Tamron 200-500mm Supertelephoto Lens is not an easy task on the best of days. I spent a couple of hours shooting the kites flying around my colony from my house’s roof. This shot, though the bird’s face is out of focus, this was probably my best shot.

Golden Skies

@ Bhogal, New Delhi

Looking at the skies that one fateful evening, I shall have to thank my friend Sachi for inviting me to meet him at Connaught Place in the evening. In this city, I have never as beautifully and vibrantly lit up sky as I saw that dusk. Either before that day or after. This particular photograph reminds me of Sting’s song, Fields of Gold. It seems as though the clouds were fields of gold in the sky.

“I never made promises lightly And there have been some that I’ve broken But I swear in the days still left We’ll walk in the fields of gold”